Sehr geehrte Orgelfreunde,

ab sofort vertreiben wir die schönen Samplesets von Lavender Audio.

Bei mehreren Samplesets Abnahme bzw. im Zusammenhang mit einem Orgeltisch erhalten sie

bei uns einen Komplett-Sonderpreis.



St Bartholomew, Armley

One of Edmund Schulze’s finest instruments which has been preserved in near original condition. 32 stop and Evaluation sample sets are now available, featuring multiple recording perspectives. 


Brandneu !

Armley Schulze 57 Register sample set MULTI-CHANNEL (Chancel, Nave and Surround)
 € 449,-  


Upgrade von 32 Register auf  57 Register : MULTI-CHANNEL sample set

 – € 210  momentan € 190, Sonderpreis  bis zum 31.05.2017
Hauptwerk dongle update required.


Armley Schulze 32 stop sample set MULTI-CHANNEL (Chancel, Nave and Surround)
 € 250

Armley Schulze 32 stop sample set SINGLE-CHANNEL (Chancel samples only)

€ 220

Armley Schulze 32 stop sample set MULTI-CHANNEL upgrade from SINGLE-CHANNEL
€ 60



Hereford Cathedral

Built in 1892, this is a fine example of Father Willis’s later work, comprising of some 67 speaking stops. Various sample sets based on this instrument are now available, from a small evaluation set to the complete instrument.
Hereford Cathedral Complete (67 Stop) sample set (volumes 1, 2 and 3)
€ 530
Total download size approximately 16.3 GB
Hereford Cathedral 46 Stop sample set (volumes 1 and 2)
€ 350
Total download size approximately 10.9 GB
Hereford Cathedral 23 Stop sample set (volume 1)
€ 170
Total download size approximately 4.7 GB
Hereford Cathedral Licensed Mini sample set
€ 75 donation required for bonus stop (Swell Vox Angelica)
Total download size approximately 1.8 GB
Haverhill Old Independent Church

A 40 stop English romantic organ built by J.J. Binns and dating from 1901. A range of sample sets based on this instrument are available.
Extended Version mit 60 Registern !
Haverhill OIC EXTENDED sample set
€ 285
Total download size approximately 6.9 GB
Haverhill OIC FULL sample set
€ 220
Total download size approximately 5.7 GB
Haverhill OIC MINI sample set – compatible with HW Free Edition
€ 85